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Special products available in flexible vinyl with low tooling cost

As you can see dip moulding is well suited to producing small and medium quantities of special products.

Due to the "freedom of shape" dip moulding can be a very efficient and economic way to protect or decorate your end product. A wide range of materials is available to suit your application.

After manufacture many products are subjected to finishing processes. These finishing processes can include slicing, punching of holes or durable printing. Afterwards the products are again thoroughly checked.

Dip moulding specials to suit your application.
Custom dip mouldings in flexible vinyl with low tooling cost.
Dip-moulded bellows, caps, and specials in flexible vinyl.
2-colour dip mouldings.
Custom dip-moulded insulation shrouds.  

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LoVen special products
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LoVen special products

LoVen special products