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Sleeves, Rectangular Vinyl Caps ideal as lever covers or ball valve grips

In addition to our standard round caps, we also offer a wide range of rectangular and square caps.

Rectangular caps are made of a flexible vinyl material, and are therefore suited for all kinds of applications. Flexible material enables a snug fit in a variety of applications.

Rectangular caps can be printed with your choice of logo or instruction. Your company logo (in up to 4 colours) or instructions for use (turning direction, warnings, etc) can be pad-printed permanently. We are also able to set up artwork as required. The needed print-cliché is also done by us.

Rectangular vinyl caps and sleeves available in all sizes.

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Background information & extra details

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Standard colours: black, red, yellow, blue, white, green. Other colours on request. Caps are available in all lengths up to ‘L’ Max. Diameter 1.40 - 267.00


LoVen special products
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LoVen special products

LoVen special products