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Plastisol prices and quality. Vinyl custom moldings.

We use vinyl plastisol in our dip moulding production process. Material prices have been very unstable and, as previously reported, they went up 6 times during 2010. Prices were expected to stabilize during 2011, but this has not happened.

Despite this, we continue to use good quality material for our customers. Our ‘A’ grade material is supplied without the need for warning labels etc.

In cooperation with our suppliers we are constantly developing new and even cleaner materials. We of course already have FDA-approved paste (phthalate-free version), as often used in medical applications. Experimentally, we have already worked with plant plasticizers.

We’re currently continuing to explore the best and cleanest quality raw materials for our dip-moulded products, without losing sight of the need to maintain realistic prices.

If you have specific questions about the materials available, please feel free to contact us.

Plastisol vinyl

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Dip moulding materials special and custom moldings.

Depending on the demands the end product has to meet, there is a wide range of materials, so we can meet the highest requirements.

Glossy, matt, finish, foam, uv resistant, FDA approved, phtalate free, medical, translucent, high and low temperatures, flame retardant, oil resistant, chemical, fluorescent.


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LoVen special products

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