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New CNC machinery for dip moulding tooling

We have increased our tool room capacity and efficiency by introducing a Mondiale CNC lathe and CNC machining centre. These new machines are a welcome addition to our already well equipped and extremely busy tool room. Both machines run Siemens 828D software, which is perfect for demanding milling and turning machines typical of our tooling shop. It combines CNC, PLC, operating and axis control functions into one compact unit.

New CNC machinery for dip moulding tooling

Medical chair (Product of the month: November)

Medical chairAs announced in our last newsletter we would like to highlight one of our products every month. This can be a standard cap or sleeve for a particular application, a specific material, a print that is different from normal or a special dip moulded product according to the wishes of the customer. This month we have chosen a set of products we have just created for a new medical chair. Read full article

Double dip? Yes please! Dip moulding.

Double dip? Yes please! Dip moulding.The economy in double dip? No, we don’t want that! A double dip product? Yes please! With the dip moulding process it is indeed possible to produce a 2-colour product The newspapers have recently been filled with the potential risk of a double dip, but we’ve been using that term in our industry for years! Read full article

Plastisol prices and quality. Vinyl custom moldings.

Plastisol prices and quality. Vinyl custom moldings.We use vinyl plastisol in our dip moulding production process. Material prices have been very unstable and, as previously reported, they went up 6 times during 2010. Prices were expected to stabilize during 2011, but this has not happened. Despite this, we continue to use good quality material for our customers. Our ‘A’ grade material is supplied without the need for warning labels etc. In cooperation with our suppliers we are constantly developing new and even cleaner materials. We of course already have FDA-approved paste (phthalate-free version), as often used in medical applications. Read full article

Medical enemas phthalate free material

Medical enemas phthalate free materialLoVen special products manufactures medical enemas by the dip moulding process. Enema probes are medical devices used in colonic irrigation in hospitals. An enema with a barium containing contrast material is used to assist in x-rays. For the production of these enemas we use specially designed medical equipment with an FDA approval. Read full article

An impossible design? Think of dip moulding!

An impossible design? Think of dip moulding!Do you need to make a new product, but you don?t know the best way how? Worried about expensive set-up costs? Why not try dip moulding! A product used in agriculture, made in a strong and durable material, required in small quantities and which should not be too expensive. We have recently produced this product, 95 shore A material (quite tough), 200-400 pieces, and still very affordable. Even the tooling investment is very acceptable. Read full article



Printing of Flexible Dip-Moulded Products

Printing of Flexible Dip-Moulded ProductsPrint a Logo or Instruction onto your moulding with LoVen?s special pad-printing technology. The print is highly durable and you can use up to 4 different colours to help your product stand out from the crowd. Read full article


New brochure: (January 2011)

Molding folderOur new brochure is ready! A concise and colorful overview of the capabilities of the dipping. Looking for a vinyl cap, a protective sleeve, a special article to your own wishes, a bellow, a medical article or a print on your article? It's all possible with dipping.

The brochure was printed in Dutch, English and German. Later it will also have a Slovak version for our Slovakian plant in Galanta, Slovakia. Ask for it quickly by telephone 0031 73 - 643 0288 and we will send it directly to you.

Bellows characterize by their flexibility and durability

Bellows characterize by their flexibility and durabilityWe make various bellows for many different applications. The life expectancy of a dip moulded bellow is really long. Injected moulded bellows have a weak point. Sometimes they tear at the seam. Our material (vinyl) is suitable for a lot of extreme applications including mineral oils and also resistant to, grease, salt water, brine. Read full article

Flexible Thread Protectors Can Withstand -70 Degrees Celcius.

Flexible Thread ProtectorsLoVen special products B.V. recently manufactured special flexible bolt protection caps for the Sakkalin-2 project (Russian: Сахалин-2) Sakhalin-2 includes the first liquified natural gas plant in Russia. The special material used to make these caps is suitable for temperatures down to – 70 Degrees Celsius. Also highly protective for UV applications and resistant to sea water. Read full article

Gaining ISO 9001 Certification (December 2010)

Dip molding ISO 9001 Certification LoVen special products gained NEN- EN-ISO-9001: 2008 certification in early December 2010. The TÜV certificate arrived after the usual implementation period. Meeting and maintaining the expectations of our customers is very important to us, and after almost 15 years the trend towards this Quality standard was clear, particularly given our English and Slovak divisions. Obtaining the official certificate was one final "formality". Designing and producing standard and custom moulded parts via the dip moulding process is the basis of LoVen special products. The Certificate can be downloaded from our Website.

New machine is running (December 2010)

dip-moulding machineAfter a half year trial and optimization period we can now report that our new dip-moulding machine is fully operational. Minor running issues have now been overcome, and the machine now runs at maximum efficiency. This machine allows us to produce 12 different products simultaneously in three different colours and plenty of combinations. The fully automated dipping machine incorporates latest technology and is very energy-efficient, reducing our gas consumption by almost 50%. We invite you to come and check us out. After all, you have the idea and we make it reality!

15 year anniversary (January 2011)

In January 2011 we celebrate our 15th anniversary, having begun our dip-moulding adventure in January 1996. After many years working in the plastics industry, the combination of Louis van der Heijden and Klaas van Venrooij formed LoVen special products. 15 years later we are an established name with 3 offices and over 1400 customers Little did we know that such success would be possible.- in the "early years" LoVen was a sole agent in the Benelux and Germany for Flexible Mouldings, an English company active at that time. In November 2002, the dip-moulding production of Tiger Plastics and VDL Kunststoffen was acquired. Two years later, the Slovak branch in Galanta was established, which makes the more the labour-intensive products, if desired with a pad print. In early 2010 the UK sales office in Ramsgate was set up to service customers in the UK and Europe.We became European market leader in custom dip mouldings. LoVen dip now sells products in 27 different countries.

Significant growth in 2010

LoVen has experienced significant growth in 2010, including rapid growth in export orders. We enter 2011 with optimism. Despite the economic crisis our sales are almost 20% up, largely due to export orders. The variation in products is very diverse - caps for thread protection, printed grips for ball valves, covers for the Russian oil industry and flower vases and lamps for renowned designers. For 2011 we will raise the bar even higher.

LoVen Slovakia s.r.o. own salesdepartment

LoVen Slovakia goes into Eastern Europe. Maybe a little strange for a company already based for 6 years in Galanta, Slovakia... Generating new business in Eastern Europe is a priority for 2011, and although we already have several customers there our new Website in Slovak language is a small step in the right direction.


Dippie is a flexible dip-moulded doll with a roguish look. You can put this flexible guy on your desk with a corresponding LoVen pen. You will smile every time you see him. Call us for a Dippie, we will be happy to send you one. He is available in several fun colors. Take a look at As you can see there are unlimited applications for dip-moulded products.



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