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Medical chair

As announced in our last newsletter we would like to highlight one of our products every month. This can be a standard cap or sleeve for a particular application, a specific material, a print that is different from normal or a special dip moulded product according to the wishes of the customer.

This month we have chosen a set of products we have just created for a new medical chair.

Medical chair. Dip moulding: Product of the Month: November 2011.

When we saw the fist drawings we raised an eyebrow. These were not the most easy products for dip moulding. After several meetings with our toolmaker and the designer who was responsible for this project, we finally made a prototype tool. After some trial dips and small modifications, we released this set of dip products. The white material highlights the medical application. The customer chose for two different materials in hardness, 50 Shore A and 70 Shore A. Both A-quality materials.

Ultimately it is a set of dip moulded products that deserve the title "Product of the month"!

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If you have specific questions about dip moulding, please feel free to contact us.

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