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Medical products including enema tips and caps for sterilisation

Dip moulding is well suited to a variety of medical applications. We offer several materials that are suitable for use in the medical industry.

The ingredients in this material all have an FDA approval. We also have been using 100% phthalate-free material for some time now.

Material has recently been tested by TNO Netherlands and Toxikon USA. We received the highest scores for all tests (phthalate test, irritation test and toxicity test). (Test certificates are available on request)

We can also subject all of your medical products to various finishing processes and pack and check the products according to your wishes.

Dip-moulded medical mouldings in flexible vinyl.
Custom dip-moulded enema tips and puffer bulbs.
Medical coating for protection and finishing.  

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LoVen special products
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LoVen special products

LoVen special products