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Double dip? Yes please! Double dip molding caps protection sleeves.

The economy in double dip? No, we don’t want that! A double dip product? Yes please!

With the dip moulding process it is indeed possible to produce a 2-colour product. The newspapers have recently been filled with the potential risk of a double dip, but we’ve been using that term in our industry for years!

Our dip moulding process allows us to produce a small series of customized products with a unique appearance. The double dip process allows you to create 2 colours for 1 product, and there is a wide range of colour combinations.

Double dip molding

As well as different colours you can also create a product in 2 different hardnesses, eg.a harder interior with a soft foam material exterior (textured) on the outside. This gives your product a more exclusive appearance.

Our production in Galanta, Slovakia specializes in making this type of product. Please contact - for more information.

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