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Dip moulding is ideal for both small and large quantities of flexible plastic components

Dip moulding is a low-cost method of producing a durable, high quality end product. The vinyl material used is well suited to the production of both large and small complex shapes, in all kinds of colours and material hardnesses.

Dip-moulded Round vinyl caps are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes.
Rectangular vinyl caps and sleeves available in all sizes.
Round Vinyl Caps Rectangular Vinyl Caps
Dip moulding specials to suit your application.
Dip-moulded bellows in flexible vinyl.
Special products Bellows
Pvc coating for protection and finishing. Coating specials.
Dip-moulded medical mouldings in flexible vinyl. Medical tube pipes enema.
Coating Medical products
Dip mouldings printed with logos and instructions. Printing.

LoVen special products
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LoVen special products

LoVen special products