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Dip moulding materials

The base material used (vinyl / plastisol) is very strong and durable. Please contact us for advice on the best material to suit your application - following are some of the material grades available:

- glossy
- matt finish
- foam
- uv resistant
- FDA approved
- phtalate free
- medical
- translucent
- high and low temperatures
- flame retardant
- oil resistant
- chemical
- fluorescent

These materials are available in many standard colours and can be made in different shore hardness (30 up to 90 shore A).

Dip molding caps, plugs, sleeves, covers.
Dip-moulded profile caps in flexible vinyl. Plastic.

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All our waste and products that were rejected are collected in special boxes which are transported to a specialized company for recycling. This material is no longer suitable for dip moulding and will be reused as for example a flowerpot or floor mat.


LoVen special products
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LoVen special products

LoVen special products