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Bellows are available in a variety of materials including flexible, semi-flexible, glossy, matte and low temperature resistant.

Dip—moulded flexible bellows are used for a variety of applications including automotive gearsticks, joysticks, seating, as well as a variety of industrial applications. Flexible bellows can extend and contract to allow for correct product movement.

Give us details of your application and we will be pleased to provide the right solution. Flexible bellows are available in a wide range of hardnesses, colours and material formulations. There are no stress lines, and prototypes are normally available within 2-4 weeks.

Dip-moulded bellows can be made in a variety of materials and colours – the process is ideal for small and medium quantities.

Dip-moulded bellows in flexible vinyl.
Dip-moulded bellows for automotive applications.
Bellows prototype in glossy vinyl.
Convoluted bellows in white.
Seatbelt restraint bellows.
dip-moulded bellows.

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LoVen special products

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